I don't know what our problem is, but after H&M dropped the video lookbook for F/W 15 we just didn't follow up with any images. It happens. We're imperfect human beings. But here we are with the still lifes, righting just one of our many, many wrongs. The production value of the aforementioned video and these photos is pretty fucking high. If only the garments were close to such quality. Still though, with such solid bargains, we can't really hate on the selection: a camel overcoat with a nice louche turtleneck, fuzzy knits that will be perfect for that day you forget to bring a sweater and need one real quick, an elastic waist coach's jacket and some very, very innovative styling with that bomber/coat knotted around the waist combon. Someone at H&M has been on the blogs recently. Anyway, this stuff is most likely hitting shelves at your local H&M and online right about now.