If you're going to set out to be anybody, Cristiano Ronaldo isn't a bad choice. As 17-year-old Danish superfan Shanta tells The Mirror, the Real Madrid star is "rich, famous, and living the life."  Which is why Shanta, who has also taken on Ronaldo's last name, has spent thousands of dollars trying to be the soccer superstar. 

Shanta divulges that he has dropped a large chunk of change purchasing the same clothes Ronaldo wears, imitating his hairstyles, and buying all of his soccer/football jerseys. "I've no idea how much I've spent emulating him it's definitely in the thousands though," he tells The Mirror.

The teenager has also made five trips to Madrid to meet his idol in-person, waiting outside Real Madrid's training facility everyday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Shanta claims that Ronaldo recognizes him now. "Now, he knows me it means every time I go to Madrid I can meet him, which I am so proud of," he says. "Wherever, CR7 goes I'm with him. He even knows it himself."

While this may seem crazy, it's all relative in the wacky world of people imitating celebrities. Men and women have spent way more money trying to look like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, or a human Ken and Barbie doll. Plus, as Ronaldo recently proved in a video where he disguised himself, it pays big time to look like he does.