One minute they didn't want me, one hour later, they're all on me. 

Would you be able to spot Cristiano Ronaldo, or any superstar athlete for that matter, if they were roaming the streets in disguise and playing the sport which has made them millions of dollars? ROC by Monster was wondering that exact thing, so they put a body suit, wig, beard and sunglasses on Ronaldo and had him play with a soccer ball in Madrid, Spain

After failing to engage most people and getting rejected when asking one girl for her phone number, Cristiano started playing with a kid named Nicolás. Following some one-on-one time with the unsuspecting youngster, CR7 picked up the ball and signed it. Little did he know that he just played against and was getting an autograph from one of the best soccer players in the world today. Once everyone noticed it was Ronaldo, all hell broke loose. 

Less than an hour ago, no one even bothered to approach him. One hour later, these people had a crazy story to share with their family and friends. 

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