A 12-year-old boy was on a field trip at an art exhibition in Tapei when he broke the number one rule of attending a museum: do not touch the art. While moving on from a Paolo Porpora painting worth roughly $1.5 million, the boy stumbled and tried to keep his balance by using the artwork to prop him up, the Independent reports

The boy was reportedly concerned that the soda he was carrying would spill and damage the painting, however the fist he used to prevent one disaster merely caused another one. You can watch the tense moments as two women come over after the boy's fist has clearly gone right through the painting's surface. One woman kindly puts her hand on his shoulder and removes him from the situation. 

The Porpora painting was a part of an exhibit titled "Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius," and is said to be an impression of flowers. The exhibit organizers don't want the boy to blame himself, although he apparently felt terrible about the incident. His family will not be asked to pay for the damages. Luckily, the Porpora artwork is insured by its owner.