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You guys remember that book The Velveteen Rabbit? Yeah, I only remember the title. And something vaguely Pinocchio-like about the rabbit becoming real or some shit? Anyways, these Wtaps sneakers have a velveteen cotton upper and come in both burgundy and black. Notwithstanding your recollection of the aforementioned anthropomorphic rabbit, do you guys remember in, like, 2011 when everyone was talking about the type of tuxedos we should all buy and what type of velvet slippers we should be buying to wear to that one occasion that comes up exactly one time in our entire existences? Yeah, these sneakers kind of remind me of those fancy ass slippers all of us posted on Tumblr, but never bought. YOU DIDN'T BUY A PAIR OF VELVET SLIPPERS OR A TUXEDO DID YOU? LMAO YOU A SAVAGE FAM. YOU GOT BAMBOOZLED BY THE BLOGOSPHERE.