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On the scale of beauty trends, this one is less shocking than something like permanent eyebrow implants or women reconstructing their feet to fit into heels, but it's noteworthy nonetheless. Women are dropping exorbitant amounts of money on eyebrow extension that only last a few weeks, according to BuzzFeed.

Women who have either over-plucked or were just born with naturally thin brows are seeking out eyebrow extensions to fill them in. The process involves brow technicians who individually apply each hair with tweezers after dipping the strands in skin-safe glue. 

Image via BuzzFeed

As you can imagine, it can take an incredibly long time to apply tiny hairs one-by-one. "The process can take up to two and a half hours to get the shape and fullness just right,” Umbreen Sheikh, who founded the brow bar Wink, tells BuzzFeed. After all that, plus shelling out anywhere between $75 to $350, the brow extensions only last two to three weeks and come with some very specific care requirements. "If you sweat a lot, they’re not going to last very long," Sheikh explains. "To keep them from falling out too fast, avoid touching them when washing your face. And just avoid touching them in general." 

The trend is actually doing some real good, though, for women who have been affected by alopecia, chemotherapy, and anxiety disorders. 

Here are examples of women who have been gone through the brow/life-changing procedure below.