Today in new, uncomfortably bizarre plastic surgery news: the "Cinderella procedure," which reshapes a woman's foot to perfectly fit in a pair of *must-have* shoes. It's just one part of a new foot surgery package, which also includes toe-shortening, toe-lengthening, and fat pad augmentation or, as they're nicknamed the Pefect 10!, the Model T and the Foot Tuck that specializes in reshaping feet to fit those perfect pair of heels.

The new procedures are the product of pediatrist Dr. Ali Sadrieh who tells the New York Times in their profile of him of his clients: "I came to see she needs these shoes to project confidence, they are part of her outside skin." Another doctor describes foot surgery as "the final frontier" and thanks Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and the like for helping his practice "explode." This is all very strange and on another level of insecurity and thirst, but hey, whatever makes people feel comfortable in their own skin, right?

[via NYT]

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