An art project by School of Visual Arts student Sneha Keshav encourages everyone to use less profanity. The project, dubbed The Taming of the Fuckery, provides 100 different ways to avoid the word "fuck" and all its affiliated phrases ("mother fucker," "fuck it," "oh, fuck," etc.). 

Done in the style of the 100-Day Project by Michael BierutKeshav has offered up an f-word alternative and accompanying graphic every day since April 7. The project is filled with colorful phrases, such as "son of a gun" or "mother of pearl" as a substitute for "mother fucker." The well-done project will (almost) make you want to say "oh, snap," the next time you are thinking of something more profane. 

Scroll through a sampling of the images below and check out the full project on Keshav's Tumblr or Instagram. You don't want to miss the clever way she celebrated the project's completion.