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WOW, Outlier is now making their own long shirt and goddamn it looks so fucking dope. I always want to wear Outlier gear and join a clandestine group of hackers to steal money from major corporations. I've been getting really into that Mr. Robot show and it's fire, but, um, erasing debt? Cool, sure, but I'm just trying to get me a few mills via digital larceny before I pretend I'm living in a Fight Club fantasy, ya know? Like, me and the main dude would bump some morphine and after a few rails I'd convince him to just transfer a bunch of cash to off-shore accounts on some "redistribution of wealth" smokescreen shit that those hacktivist dorks types get a boner for. Then, on the small island nation where the off-shore accounts are located, I'd use my newfound fortune to buy solid gold bricks and just bury them in apartments all over the world. The whole time I'd be wearing this linen pivot shirt because it's got handy pockets and linen is very breathable and I figure if you steal several millions of dollars from multi-national corporations while also bumping morphine moguls, you'll probably be sweating a little bit.