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A man's night out with two women went awry after he found his $2,000 Hermès ashtray and a $10,000 check stolen, The New York Post reports

The victim Grant Gordon was wining and dining a pair of blondes, one a 32-year-old female bodybuilder named Kelly Keiser, with drinks at upscale New York nightclub Lavo before offering to take them uptown for more refreshments at The Carlyle. Everyone went their separate ways at the end of the night, but Gordon immediately noticed that his expensive ashtray and check were missing and notified the police.

The authorities were able to track down the women's cab at which point Keiser's friend, with ashtray in hand, made a run for it, according to Keiser's lawyer Thomas Kenniff. The police found the $10,000 check, along with other documents belonging to Gordon, in Keiser's purse, but the bodybuilder believes she was drugged and set-up by her friend. "My client has no idea how that stuff got there," Kenniff said, according to The New York Post. "She has no recollection of leaving The Carlyle. We are convinced that... she was drugged."

Keiser was charged with grand larceny and is currently free. Her friend remains on the run, according to court documents.