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At times, it may seem as though the world is going to shit, but then we hear a story that completely revives our faith in humanity. One such story is that of Nasir Sobhani, a 26-year-old barber who spends his free time giving haircuts to the homeless.

In a new short documentary presented by PLGRM, we see Sobhani, aka the Street’s Barber, go around Melbourne, Australia, blessing the needy with fresh cuts. He says his decision to give back to the less-fortunate was inspired by his long journey in overcoming drug addiction.

“What I’m doing on the streets now is my way of giving back—it’s my way of repaying my gratitude for being healthy and sober again,” he says in the documentary. “A haircut can do so much for someone. That’s why I named what I do ‘Clean Cut, Clean Start’ […] They feel so ashamed of who they are. They need actual human contact, they need some stimulus to help engage them in some form of intimacy with a human being that actually cares for them.”

Thankfully, Sobhani isn’t the only man who has made it his mission to help out the homeless—specifically in the area of personal appearance. Remember NYC stylist Mark Bustos, who spends his Sundays also giving the homeless free haircuts? Or how about Andre McDonnell, who started a charity that provides the homeless with sneakers?

Though some may think these acts of kindness are pretty insignificant, it’s clear these guys are making a difference.

Check out the 12-minute documentary above to see the Street’s Barber in action. By the end of the video, you'll see just how important his work actually is.