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Stampd has teamed up with Puma for a collection that brings a more stylish side to the German brand's athletic archives. Now, Stampd designer Chris Stamp talks about how the two connected, the inspiration behind the collection, and the future of this collaboration in an interview with Hypebeast.

Stamp started working with Puma thanks to a friend who is stationed in the lifestyle department. The collaboration has apparently been in the works since Sept. 2013. "I wanted to take the opportunity to give our guy the athletic version of what we kinda do inline," Stamp told Hypebeast. "The thought behind the collection is utilizing PUMA for their execution with fabrication and being able to source just about any fabric, being able to create any trim from scratch and taking our silhouettes, our color palette and vibe and meshing the two." 

The purpose behind the collaboration is to give guys a wardrobe they can wear seamlessly between an athletic and more stylish environment. "You can be comfortable working out in it at Equinox, or you can go running in it, or you can be in your car on the way to go surfing at the beach and its still comfortable," Stamp says. 

If you liked the first season of Stampd Athletics by Puma, the designer has good news. "We have designed up to three collections and we keep pushing the boundaries and it keeps getting better with every collection." 

You can read the whole interview here