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FUCK YEAH RIG OUT. FUCK YEAH UMBRO. You motherfuckers were probably just being born and shit in 1994, but that was the year our lord and savior Tony Meola and the rest of the World Cup came to America. It’s also the source of inspiration for this Rig Out editorial. The Rig Out crew took a grip of the new Umbro Pro Training collection (mined from the best Umbro designs of the '90s and available soon at size? and other retailers) to LA and shot a bunch of photographs of people wearing the aforementioned clothing. You guys remember Carlos Valderrama? How about Alexi Lalas? FAM, THE 1994 WORLD CUP SIGNALED THE END OF DIEGO MARADONA'S INTERNATIONAL CAREER. During that World Cup I was also at a soccer camp and had a huge crush on one of the college kids that was one of our coaches. She always wore green Umbro shorts that she rolled up at the waist to make shorter. And while I'm sure it was a thrill for Tony Meola to play on the national team in front of his fellow countrymen, the one time I got to ride on a golf cart with her was probably still more nerve-racking.