Album era: Graduation

This is the one trend that hits the closest to rock bottom. When Kanye was going through his '80s phase (shouts to the Graduation-era shag hairstyle), he turned to eyewear designer Alain Mikli to redesign a style that had more presence during the Reagan years than the new millennium. When Kanye debuted the shutter shades during his video for “Stronger”, the combined power of Kanye and Daft Punk didn't just propel the single to the stratosphere, it also made shutter shades the accessory to cop for the following months.

What was once yet another unique, Kanye-related fashion choice, quickly became a novelty of New Jersey boardwalks, and Times Square souvenir shops by the end of the year. Shutter shades had their moment, but now you have to wonder: if someone's wearing shutter shades, do they miss Graduation-era Yeezy, or are they just not trying to see what's in front of them?