You may have last heard of about Keffiyehs in Vampire Weekend's “Campus” song or the Child Rebel Soldier "Us Placers" music video from 2007, and that kind of says it all. The scarf is usually worn by those in the arid Middle East, and provides protection from sunburn, dust, and sand. While they cover a wide spectrum of colors based on national background and purpose, the black and white colorway grew in popularity as a symbol of Palestinian nationalism.

What's worse than cultural appropriation? Wearing a political statement that, at best, you last studied in your university Poli-Sci class; and at worst, know nothing about. To add insult to injury, Rachael Ray wore one while shilling Dunkin' Donuts coffee in 2008. The commercial's since been banned, because no one wants to start a war over Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

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