Anything En Noir puts out is soon to be worn by your favorite rapper or the coolest dudes in the blogosphere. If you're hip to the brand, you'll have a pair of its black, lambskin leather sweats. If you're more exclusive, you've got your hands on the red joints, too. But there's something that tops both of those options in the cozy, luxury pants department: En Noir has teamed-up with Barneys NY for a pair of exclusive python leather sweats.

The pants are similar in construction to the brand's previous leather sweats, but this pair lives up to the "very rare" title. They'll only be available at select Barneys stores in limited quantities and will cost you nearly four-times as much as its lambskin counterpart, with a retail price of $7,300.

For most, that price is way out of their budget, but if you've got it, you might spend it on the pants that will launch you to the top of the street goth ranks. But, like always, you'll see a blogger wear these and wonder how they got them. Don't be that dude, be the one who owns them.

Your best bet is to check your local Barneys and see if you can come-up.