Lonynell Coleman, the Cleveland Cavaliers fan who got a massive tattoo on his leg declaring his team "2015 NBA Champs," has no regrets regarding his now erroneous ink. The Warriors finished off the Cavaliers in a six-game series last night, but the season was still a success to Coleman. 

The devoted fan tweeted this morning that he has plans to modify the ink. "I'm not changing nothing on this tattoo. This year was a great one and this is always gonna be a memory," he wrote. "Next year we coming harder," he promised in another tweet. A vow that he better hopes come true; that way he can just change the "5" to a "6."

When are people going to learn? Coleman is only the latest to get a tattoo like this and have it not come to fruition. Fans of the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Kentucky Wildcats, and Detroit Lions have all gotten tattoos that have gone awry. Maybe it's worth the glory that one Seahawks fan felt when he correctly predicted his team's Championship in 2014?

Or maybe they, like Coleman, just love the attention. "Yall getting me more famous," the diehard Cavs fan tweeted.

You can read the series of tweets below. 


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