In a decision that he probably, definitely won't ever regret for the rest of his life, an uber-confident Cleveland Cavaliers fan has inked a "2015 NBA Champs" tattoo on his arm (or possibly his leg, it's hard to tell), complete with the Larry O'Brien trophy and the Cavaliers "C" logo. 

The NBA Finals don't start until Thursday, and though there's a good chance the Cavaliers actually do win the series, this just seems like a poor choice all around. Why not wait until they actually win? Or, if you're that confident and wanted to stunt on people before the series starts, then crown yourself Nostradamus, why not drop a couple hundred bucks betting on the Cavs in Vegas? That's a large tattoo that's going to cost a whole lot of money to remove if the Golden State Warriors, who are favored, end up knocking out LeBron and the gang. 

Tattoos: helping people make terrible decisions with their skin since forever. 

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[Via @DarrenRovell]