You might remember that earlier this year, graffiti artist Kidult hit an A.P.C. Paris store with a tag—he has been known for this kind of thing in the past—that was a little bit different to his previous work; he took the opportunity to make his objections known after A.P.C. founder and creative director Jean Touitou named a collection "Last Ni**as in Paris".

The artist painted "NI**AS" and "Latin adj. 'Niger'; Contemptuous, offensive and racism for a black person" across the store's display, and released a special T-shirt that commemorates the incident. The T-shirt, dubbed "Double Standards," is a standard black T-shirt with red spray-painted lettering across the chest and the A.P.C. logo with Kidult's skull symbol, swapped for the 'C', on the back. 

Kidult strikes again.