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"I would recommend that if you're the person who knows how to take care of your beard at home and clean it up, make sure that you sanitize so your skin stays health and fresh for the summer, if you're not that person that you have a consistent barber so your line on your beard or your haircut can be always sharp, I'm very into looking crispy for the summer. I feel like the line should always look good, don't want to see hair growing in and stuff. I would recommend for guys to moisturize, use a cleanser, moisturize to keep their skin on point when they're shaving as well. Products: Bevel of course and if you like using natural products,  I would recommenced Yes products, I don't know if you ever heard of Yes products, it's a natural product and I use it, I actually met a guy on the street and asked him what he used on his skin because his skin was awesome and he said Yes products and I went out and tried it ad that's what I use and I've been using for a year now and you can get a wide range of products on an natural level for all different types of skin for men and women, like a unisex products, it's not just for women.

"For hair products I would recommend for men and their hair, I would recommended for them to wash their hair pretty often just because that matters and affects their skin, because a lot of men don't like to shampoo their hair, I would recommend them to keep it hydrated for the summer, especially if your hair is summer curly, if you have a very thick texture it doesn't matter, if you're African American it should always be hydrated using natural products like I said before you can use Shea butter you can use olive oil you can use coconut oil. When it comes to a brand I love Blind Barber so of course I'm going to recommend Blind Barber because that's what I personally use for all my men that's outside of the natural realm."