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It isn't enough just to sell clothes by putting your best designs on beautiful bodies. If that's all you did, your designs would get lost in the crowd. You have to find a presentation that pops. You have to seek out ways to make your ad stand out from the other billboards and magazine pages. Sometimes the need to separate oneself from the rest of the rack leads to exciting and innovative ad campaigns. More often than not, it leads to the same hackneyed themes being rehashed over and over again. Eventually, the ads start to blend together and ridiculous looking print ads start to become commonplace.

For some reason, certain themes appear again and again in fashion print ads. How many times have we seen a fair haired model running through a field of wheat if that brand can be associated in any way with "Americana." How often has a swimming pool been used to evoke elegance? Or exotic animals to convey a sense of worldly travel? Today, we look at the most ridiculous and overused fashion ad concepts and demand that style industry ad men try a little harder next time. Here are 10 Fashion Advertising Clichés That Make Zero Sense Whatsoever.