Why should you buy a pair of nondescript black shoes? The easiest answer would be that you have something formal to go to sometime soon. You might not know what it is right now, but that shit will sneak up on you and you'll quickly realize you have no dress shoes. These Caminando joints are formal, but, like, not so much that you'll only wear them once a year. The best part about Caminando is they're affordable and, oh yeah, their name is tight as fuck. Obviously, it should remind you of "commando" and commandos are edgy and cool—ironically, the type of dudes who wouldn't show up to a formal event in dress shoes to begin with. Since I am definitely not cool enough to wear jungle boots to a formal affair, I'll settle for something like these. You could also get your struggle flow on with some Docs or whatever, but then you wouldn't have the slick outsole, which is half the fun to wearing uncomfortable dress shoes anyway. You know, you can pretend you have a modicum of dance skills as you butcher the Moonwalk to hell and back.

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