Well, if the 2-year-old with a $160,000 wardrobe wasn't enough, the Daily Mail has shared a story about a set of 3-month-old twins who are surely on track to surpass her and possibly toddler style icon, North West. The babies, Isabella and Jacob, have already racked up over $30,000 in designer gear.

The twins' mother Louise Hill has invested in goods from designers like Ralph Lauren, Prada, and Dior. Dubbed "Britain's most pampered twins" they never wear the same outfit twice and ride around in a stroller with a steeper price than the one Kim Kardashian bought for North.

Louise and her husband Dan reveal that they had trouble conceiving, so when their IVF was finally successful, they wanted to give her children the best.

"I bought a lot of stuff before they were even born. They are so precious and are little miracles that we want to give them everything," she said to the Daily Mail.

The twins are up to 100 separate looks, but Dan says he will continue to dress them in a different designer outfit every day for at least the first year. 

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