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Los Angeles is known for its traffic. Just ask any hack stand-up comedian from the past 30 years. With an entire city trudging along in their cars on a day to day basis, the walls of shops, the sides of electrical boxes and even the street signs make the perfect canvas for street artists. There are millions of eyes searching for something to look at other than the giant 0mph on their speedometer.

It's the perfect setting for Plastic Jesus. A street artist who can grab your attention and make social commentary that implants in your brain even if you happen to be lucky enough to notice his artwork at one of the rare times you drive by at 30mph. From his stencil piece on Robin William's suicide to his coke-snorting Oscar statue installation, Plastic Jesus lambasts the pitfalls of the entertainment industry in a pointed way. Without apology. Even if it's the same industry that's financially propping up his adopted hometown.

We spent a day with "The Banksy of L.A." to find out more about him and why he wants everyone to stop making stupid people famous. Check out the video above.