To those who consider themselves soldiers on the front lines of the timeless war that pits class against swag, and who fight tooth and claw for the former, a heroic warrior fighting for your cause has arrived. YouTube user skunkpaste uploaded a near-two minute tirade railing against those who make fun of fedoras and fedora-wearers, with the video description stating:

"this video goes out to all the dumb ass haters and trolls online that say swag and yolo but then turn around and make fun of fedoras for no reason at all

"your not fucking funny and it's stupid as shit of you to chat your ignorant mouths about a topic you don't know jack about so get your grip together and log offline because your an epic fail"

The video takes place in skunkpaste's classy bathroom, where we find our fedora-loving champion spewing his heart out in hushed anger about why class will always reign supreme to swag, while bedecked in a very classy suit and fedora. Skunkpaste rocks on his feet, poised to fight for a sartorial stance he will take with him to the grave. Oh, you think fedoras are dumb? "Well guess what?" skunkpaste asks, and without waiting for a response because skunkpaste is a bringer of veracity, he answers his own question: "They rule harder than you, dipshits." 

"Class is for men, and swag is for boys," skunkpaste—who is clearly a man as marked by the presence of his shaving cream and razor on his sink—explains with rage that is palpable in its rawness. Continuing to address the haters, who, according to our hatted hero sit online on their websites, we're told that those who oppose fedoras simply aren't cool enough to wear one. In fact, they're swag idiots who walk around all day thinking "swag >>> class."

"You don't know shit. You don't know fashion. You don't know anything about this world," he continues on, emboldened by the precision of his statements. Skunkpaste's rage increases until he's struggling to find the verbal means of communication that properly convey the truth that rings eternal. And in case you thought that skunkpaste was only about words, don't even think he won't hesitate to end your existence. If you make "one more fuckin' joke," skunkpaste will "slit your throat-neck." 

That's right, and you didn't even know you had a throat-neck! That's the type of knowledge skunkpaste is bringing with him, and exactly why, if you weren't already merking the competition and swimmin' in women the color of cinnamon solely due to your fedora, you need to make the transition over to his side of the "class is for men, swag is for boys" spectrum. Or don't.

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