Once the most common thing on college campuses and city sidewalks, it's easy to see how and why the American Apparel hoodie became one of the biggest things ruined by hipsters in the early 'aughts. The un-logoed brand was effectively the symbol of the rise of hipster fashion, allowing everyone to dress the same without actively claiming allegiance to a clothing company. It was this simple effect that gave the appearance of American Apparel's ironic and counterculture appearance, aided by racy imagery and sexy, waifish models.

The one piece in the brand's catalog that almost anyone could co-sign? Their zip-up hoodies, which came in almost every color imaginable. While the zip-up hoodie in general is a sportswear staple, the days when American Apparel's California fleece iterations could be spotted everywhere from the hookah bar to the vegan deli are as far removed as The Strokes' last good album. Need proof? Look no further than American Apparel's modern day sales slump.