It is an inevitability that you will be attending at least 75 weddings, three graduation parties and probably one or two funerals this summer. That’s just how summers go. You’ll need a tie and why not have an indigo sashiko tie? I’m voting for the wide-ass pointed version but that’s just me. You have three styles to choose from here. If you think about it, life is just one big choose your own adventure book. But instead of choosing between the Glock and the Sig before you have to save the world, you have to choose between square-end or pointed ties before you drink as many whiskey gingers as possible before you are forced to interact with people in between rounds of critiquing menu options with your date. “The vegetarian option is just the vegetable sides from the chicken and steak dishes. Tacky.” Remember, at all weddings and other social gatherings that are actually obligations, drink as much as you can and find as many things as possible that you would do differently if it was your party.