If you're a young person looking to get into the creative industries, any and all advice is advice you need to listen to, but some people are worth paying that little bit more attention to. One of those people is Virgil Abloh. Best known for his work as creative director for Kanye West, as well as his fashion labels Off-White and its predecessor Pyrex, Abloh is a man of many talents, ideas, and passions, who isn't afraid to use his platform to try and inspire the youth to better his success. 

With that goal in mind, Abloh took the chance to hold a workshop in Selfridges' Work It space. But instead of simply leading it himself, he invited some of the young Londoners inspiring him. The panel included Sam Ross, assistant to Abloh and founder of A-COLD-WALL*, Ryan Hawaii, a young artist and art dealer who is merging fashion and art within his work, the team behind Ejder, an online boutique that uses its online space and physical pop-ups to promote young labels, plus an appearance from Tremaine Emory and photographer MRWIZE

The workshop wasn't just about being able to see and meet Abloh and co., it was about young people getting access to practical knowledge and inspiration and ideas that they could take home and use today. Ways in which they could further their work, develop their talents, and learn about their craft. Most importantly, it was about reminding young people that while Abloh is in that perceived position of power, he's committed to using that position to shine a spotlight on the young people inspiring him. 

Don't worry if you couldn't make it down though, because we've got you. Scroll for the run-down of every one of Virgil Abloh's Crucial Tips for Becoming Successful in the Fashion and Art Industries.