VFILES and its founder Julie Anne Quay have long supported emerging creatives. The online fashion community holds a runway show every year that features designers sourced from the Internet, and it recently opened a showroom to help develop rising brands. Now, VFILES is turning its attention to finding the best unheralded musicians with a new program titled VFILES LOUD! 

VFILES LOUD! will allow all interested artists to submit their music in five different genres—pop, electronic, R&B, rock, and hip-hop—through the program's website and have it reviewed by a panel of mentors. The panel is made up of industry experts who will review the music based on its marketability, sell-ability, and creativity. The mentors are powerful people in the music industry, including MTV's deputy editorial director Richard Turleysenior director of music and talent programing at MTV, Yomi Desalu,  A-Trak, and celebrity stylist Akeem Smith.​

The program wants to nurture whoever wins by giving them a launching pad into the music industry. The winner will get a VFILES-directed music video, which will then receive a world premiere on MTV, as well as a large screening party to announce the release of the video. Fool's Gold Records will also release the winning artist's single.

VFILES.COM/LOUD, the site for submissions, goes live tomorrow, April 30. Finally, a place to drop a link to your mixtape other than the comments section.