VFiles has been leveling the playing field in fashion since it launched in 2012. The online fashion community showcases a crop of emerging designers every season through its VFiles Made Fashion Show, and for Fall/Winter 2015 everyone involved in the show was crowdsourced. Now, VFiles is taking it to the next level with a showroom and brand incubator titled Third Floor

Third Floor started as a space used to develop the VFiles Sports Plus line, VFiles founder Julie Anne Quay tells WWD. "Then we realized that a lot of the brands we were launching through VFiles Made Fashion had the same needs​," she said. The incubator will help the involved brands in more abstract areas, such as vision and identity, as well as numerous business aspects, including commerce, merchandising, public relations, seeding, and social media support. 

The incubator's first eight brands are VFiles Sport Plus, Assk, Di$count Univer$e, Andrea Jiapei Li, Ximon Lee, Julia Seemann, Lucid FC, and Sam MC London

[via WWD]