Supreme and The North Face have teamed yet again as they tend to do for another seasonal collection, this time for S/S 15. While The North Face still reminds me of living in the middle of the country where the fashionable bro wears a North Face fleece with dark, bootcut jeans and a pair of Topsiders, it's derivatives like their Japan-only Purple Label and work with Supreme are usually pretty solid. This time around, the collection focuses on 3-layer Windstopper® denim as it comes on each of the primary pieces: the Dot Shot jacket, Denali pants, Base Camp duffel, Day pack and Horizon Breeze hat. So, if you're looking to get kitted out in some wind-destroying denim, you're pretty much covered here. But I can already hear you asking about that star pattern coach's jacket right now. These packable, water-resistant jackets won't be available this Thursday, April 23rd (April 25th in Japan), as the denim pieces are. They are unfortunately delayed until May 14th. When the most fire piece form the collection isn't available on the usual release day, well, that's an issue. It's like how the sand suede Common Projects Chelsea boots didn't show up on time. People (read: the hundred or so nerds that read this site) flip the fuck out. Anyway, no word on prices just yet, but with all the extra added mountaineering technology, they'll probably be a bit pricier than usual. Either way, expect a line. DUH.