The swaglords are coming! The swaglords are coming! That's what Paul Revere would have told the colonies when he saw us rolling up in a cigarette boat, DJ Khaled hanging off the side, spilling champagne and yelling "WE THE BEST!" at the top of his lungs. I mean, how could he have know we would guide their blouse-wearing asses and show them how to out rare hemlines the British. Similarly, we impart those very lessons in each print issue of Complex with our award-winning "Under The #Influence" column. And in order to answer all your problems, we need questions that are ripe for the answering. We just wrapped the June/July issue, a lot of it focusing on how to not look completely butt in the summertine, but August/September is all about summer ending, going back to school and those first inklings of fall creeping back into our lives. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

-What's the dopest Trapper Keeper?

-How do I successfully cyberbully my enemies on the timeline?

-Are sweaters cool?

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