VFiles is an interesting beast. It's more community than actual store and helps to foster young, emerging designer talent in an industry that's regularly focused on veterans. It's exposed many to the likes of Hood By Air and Off-White and had one of the most insane runway shows at this past New York Fashion Week. Based around the communal aspect of VFiles, the designers were chosen to represent at NYFW in a four-in-one extravaganza. Complex Style talked with VFiles founder Julie Anne Quay about its founding and where it fits into the fashion world and why it's so different.

Quay touches on the likes of Mike The Ruler and the new generation of fashion fanatics who have everything at their disposal to learn about fashion. It's a different type of fan, one who might not go to school to be a designer, but who loves the craft nonetheless. VFiles is partially responsible for them and while Quay has put in time at established fashion magazines like Vogue and V, she's almost helping break down the walls: "This whole 'fashion establishment' thing is about to explode. And those guys know it. There's a whole new generation of kids who can do it better, faster, and stronger. When you have a great social media following, you really can know your brand."

It's clear that VFiles has established the new model for finding designers who speak directly to an increasingly younger customer base. We'll just have to see how long it takes to truly overthrow the old guard.

[Photo via i-D]