New Post Overalls drop at The Bureau Belfast alert! I'm constantly trying to get a bunch of random shirts and shackets from Post Overalls to wear over and under each other. Particularly, this calico printed shirt jacket caught my eye this morning. I love a good calico print. When I was growing up, we had a calico cat named Pierre who was fat as fuck. Dude was the GOAT. He went outside, but never ran away or anything and just chilled on this big ass rock my parents put in our backyard for no reason whatsoever and would watch while I carved arrows and spears out of sticks with a knife my parents bought on the explicit condition I not use it to make weapons. BUT PIERRE NEVER NARCED ME OUT SO HE GOT EXTRA TREATS AND SNACKS. Maybe that's why I like calico prints. Or not because calico cats and calico workshirts don't really look the same at all. Either way, RIP Pierre the cat.