If there are soft spots in the vaunted Four Pins-specific taste level, they are most definitely long shirts and noragi-inspired garments. Like, we constantly run the daily risk of becoming the Encyclopedia Noragi-a of menswear blogs. And while Lemaire calls this a "Y-neck" jacket, we all know what this shit is at heart: a wool noragi that has been cleaned up and streamlines a bit. The button closure is hidden behind the placket, the sleeves have cuffs instead of being wide and cropped. There's a ribbed hem at the back and, in addition to the typical patch pockets at the hips, there's a nice welt pocket slightly higher up on the left side. It takes all the things you might not like about a typical noragi and makes them sleeker, which is perfect for the condescending look you've been trying to cultivate for the last six months with little to no success. Also, let's be real, you have a bunch of topcoats that are too heavy for the 60 degree days coming and you need a lighter weight jacket. You can freely admit to the faults in your wardrobe. It's okay. We never accepted you to begin with.