I don't think you guys understand just how fucking lit the pant selection is over at Roden Gray. I can always depend on them to have a $500 joint that I'm almost able to talk myself into buying and these Kolor pants are my latest obsession. They're pretty much all nylon, so they're way more like a warmup track pant or something and they have that little mesh panel hanging down from under the hem. They could have stopped there, they really could have. That would have easily been enough, but they went ahead and added a little slit at the ankle and twill waistband just to fuck up the game even more. Normally, I wouldn't mess with a fabric mixture like that, but since you won't even see it thanks to your long, layered rare hemlines, this is more of a comfort thing—a preventative measure to keep you from totally letting yourself go. That's the main issue with elastic waistbands. Since they'll always fit, it's on you to actually stay in shape, which is why the twill is there to remind you if you've put on a couple of pounds because you and the fam are out here eating good, not well.