Kanye West, the man behind the democratization of the fashion world, recently sat down with New York Times Magazine to talk about everything from his ego to meeting Ralph Lauren at NYFW. Like anything Kanye does, when given the chance to speak his piece, you can bet there's going to be equal amounts of harsh criticism and inspirational #knowledgedarts. You can bet that there are some truly golden quotes from Yeezy himself, as he breaks down his feud with Hedi Slimane, his need to "shout" at the fashion execs who've ignored him, and how an expensive table is a metaphor for his often stubborn ego. 

The biggest takeaway? Kanye really is trying to change the design world by combining the luxury clothes he loves, with the accessibility he's been trying to earn for himself since day one. Thus is the objective behind his Yeezy Season 1 collection after all.

Remember, we're living in a "post-Yeezy" world, and fashion isn't going to be the same. These are The Most Flagrant Fashion #KnowledgeDarts From Kanye West's "T Magazine" Profile​.