We recommend: DJI Phantom 2
Buy it now: $379

There are expensive, more complicated drones out there for you to indulge yourself with, but the DJI Phantom is the undisputed champ amongst aerial photographers for its versatility, and best bang-for-the-buck. It’s an easy-to-use quadcopter designed to house a GoPro. Keep in mind that the base model does not come with a gimbal, which is a recommended add-on that allows you to rotate the angle of the camera without changing flight direction (something that can’t be achieved with the stationary GoPro housing on the standard DJI Phantom 2

According to Kellen, the DJI Phantom 1 and 2 are both excellent choices for aspiring aerial photographers, both amateur and pro: “Both are pretty great and are at a pretty good price point for good quality. We were drawn to these ones because they seemed to become the go-to for a lot of photographers and cinematographers. They’re small, easy to transport, easy to put together, and have a pretty easy learning curve out of the box. We're still really happy with the Phantom 2, but would love to test out the DJI Inspire One.”

It just so happens that the third iteration of the DJI Phantom is currently available for pre-order.