Emoji use can tell a lot about a certain group of people. A recent accumulation of the different emoji used by MLB fan bases reflect how people are feeling about their team this time a year. However, a study done by keyboard developer SwiftKey tapped into a much broader audience to show us which emoji characters are most popular among every country. 

SwiftKey divided the emoji into categories and found that Americans use the most female-oriented characters as well as those related to royalty, tech, LGBT, and meat. LGBT-related emoji are especially huge in the U.S., which uses the rainbow and icon for same sex couples holding hands 30 percent more than the average. America also lead the way in plenty of individual emoji usage, including characters for the chicken leg, eggplant, money bag, skull, pizza, and the "100" sign—no surprises there. We do wonder if usage of the prayer hands emoji has fallen off since it was ruined

The study's findings also show some pretty revealing things about each country. France used the heart emoji four times more than any other country, and it made up 55 percent of every character sent in the country. Australians prove to be a debaucherous bunch, as the country led the way in some interesting categories, including clothing, drug use, junk food, and alcohol.

Canadians also came out in first for some unexpected categories, such as the raunchy-themed emoji, like the eggplant and banana; sports; and the money characters. Russians, obviously, were the top users of emoji that related to the cold. 

Take the findings with a grain of salt, but usage of the characters among different countries definitely reflects some telling practices. You can check out the full study here