The first time we wrote about Blurhms, the god and would-be Four Pins contributor Pete Anderson talked about how the name sounded like a battle and concocted this whole thing about the fictional battle of Blurhms. Here's a little origin story: Pete was the first guy willing to pay me to write about clothing. He and StyleForum even let me take my own photos and everything. It was dope. So, if you hate my writing or all the tangents or unnecessary caps lock or items you don't fuck with, you only have Pete to blame. And, well, yourself for straight up sucking. Anyways, this pullover shirt is a cotton twill and jersey mix with side entry chest pockets. You know what side entry chest pockets were originally for? Pocket watches, bitches. I think. I overheard that design anecdote in a fancy workwear store in, like, 2008 and I've been riding with it ever since.