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It's happening. Your favorite male models, Derek Zoolander and Hansel, are finally returning to bless us all with more "Blue Steel" poses and walk-offs in an official sequel slated to arrive next year. In true, ahem, fashion, the sequel was announced on the runway when Derek and Hansel closed Maison Valentino's show this past Paris Fashion Week.

Not only does Twolander (which may actually be the real title) have its work cut out for it in terms of living up to the original, but the fashion cameos have to be on point as well. The first had everyone from Donatella Versace and Victoria Beckham to Tyson Beckford and Billy Zane (who has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, hence why it was awesome). Thankfully, the intersection of high fashion and popular culture has never been higher than it is right now, to the point where Zoolander 2 already has a host of who's who models slated to appear.

Even though the movie is one year away, we're already dying at the thought of Derek and Hansel running into some of the models and fashionable celebs we love to lust over these days. So much so, that we came up with a list of cameos we want to see in the film. We got our hands on some leaked script pages for each cameo (read: penned fake scenes) and if they really go down as written, Zoolander 2 will definitely live up to the hype. Here are all the fashionable cameos we hope will be included in the final cut.