"I am also such a sucker for guys in ties or dress clothes." - Alison, 28
"I also like a good suit and tie. I don't mean the awkward fitting groomsman tux. But the business is getting done sort of suit." - Amanda, 25
"In a well fitting suit at a chic event, possibly dancing with a very old lady." - Liz, 27
"Anything where's he's dressed well and not a douche." - Subhah, 25

These were just a few of the many calls these ladies put out for sharply dressed men. The problem, as Amanda points out, is that this can't be "the awkward fitting groomsman tux" and not every man finds himself in situations where he can sport a sharp look. Obviously, dressing up works best if it is in your natural habitat, so if you have to suit up just for a Tinder pic, try to make it look real.

My Tinder experience: This look did actually lead to more Tinder matches. And unlike some of the other suggestions, this isn't a look that requires you to make up a lifestyle to go along with it. Most Tinder profiles can be improved with one pic where you prove you can actually clean up nice.

And for what it's worth, I made this photo my Facebook profile picture, and 90% of my former high school teachers "liked" it, as it is proof I've turned into "a nice young man."