"I like a rugged man chillin' in some nature...maybe even a surfboard strapped to his Bronco in the background...as the sun sets over the ocean." - Karen, 33
"A good chill pic of dude in nature—nothing too extreme. No rock climbing or base jumping. Preferably in the Northwest or somewhere that looks more appealing than LA." - Karen, 24

I'm not exactly sure how this is "clothing" or "an accessory," but the ladies have spoken. I actually hear this one a lot, and not just from women named Karen. Before you buy a tent and hit the trails in hopes of seeming rugged, know that there is a problem with this one. It is my belief that while some women actually do want an outdoorsy guy, many women like the idea of an outdoorsy guy. Many women (and men) see a picture of a gorgeous mountain or lush forest and think, "Hell yeah, I want to go see that" without thinking of the sleeping on the ground and pooping in the woods that comes with it.

Another issue is that looking good in nature is expensive. Hosts from outdoor documentaries decked out head to toe in REI gear have to spend hundreds of dollars to look stylish while not dying in the wild. Entry level outdoor gear looks very dad-like. In the picture above, I'm wearing hiking pants and a hiking shirt that aspire to a style combination of Macy's and Wal-Mart.

My experience: I'm a big camper, so I'm always sure to stock my Tinder with pics from Joshua Tree, Big Sur, and Sequoia. And yes, I get a fair amount of people matching with me who have definitely read On the Road and Walden, but those conversations have yet to turn into some kind of erotic camping getaway.