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Last year, we introduced TayHam, a greeting card brand created by North Carolina-based artist Taylor Hamilton. Her irreverent approach to cards—whether for birthdays, holidays, or announcements—really resonated with the younger generation, who acknowledge the impact of handwritten cards but wanted something that was more exciting than those cards you get from the corner bodega.

Today, we’re showing off some of her latest pop-centric card designs, which feature everything from a red Solo cup to FKA Twigs to Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead—each accompanied by a funny slogan and a blank folded note card for your own words. There's even one of the famous Saved By the Bell caffeine pill scene with Jessie Spano.

Check out some of the designs below. You can pick up TayHam’s latest cards, as well as some of the older ones, at the company’s online store.