In fashion, designers lift inspiration from other designers all the time, and there's normally not much newsworthy about it, but when it's a blatant copy, it's a different story. Step forward LA-based artist KESH, who has called out Versace for what can only be described as a stone-cold rip-off of KESH's 2013 collaboration with American Apparel

Fast forward two years, and Versace has rolled out a T-shirt that could pass as a twin of one of the KESH x American Apparel pieces, but with $600 added to the price tag. KESH didn't hold back when calling out the international fashion house in an Instagram post with a caption that reads:

$650.versace rip off.
sold out in 3 sizes.
what is this madness?
from huge designer labels to small boutiques to giant pop stars to fame hungry former friends. what is this? Why can’t these companies . these brands . these people create their own work?
what happened?
why do these people think that everything that they lay their eyes on instantly belongs to them?”

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