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Empire has taken TV by storm in barely three months. The melodramatic, pseudo-Shakespearean saga of the musically-inclined Lyon family, complete with undeniably catchy songs, backstabbing and betrayal, and weird sex has become appointment television. You're washed if you're not live-tweeting it each Wednesday night or at the very least, prepared to discuss that crazy thing Cookie did on Thursday morning. But original music isn't the only production aspect that help's Empire's claim to relevance.

With a setting based in the contemporary music industry, specifically hip-hop (although just how contemporary is up for debate), fashion and steez is an equal highlight. Particularly the youngest cub in the Lyon family, spoiled brat slash buzzing mainstream rapper Hakeem takes the style cues of Tyga, Migos and 2 Chainz to a gaudy new level. And of course, fan-favorite Cookie has the alphets to match her ratchet swagger. Now that season one is wrapped, take a break from discussing the finale's twists and cliffhangers and let's reflect on all the style highlights, from swaggy to smh.