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From the runway to the silver screen, model Cara Delevingne is ready to show the world her acting chops in the upcoming 20th Century Fox film Paper Towns, directed by Jake Schreier and adapted from the novel by John Green

Delevingne plays a girl named Margo Roth Spiegelman who goes missing, and her friend (actor Nat Wolff) and his buddies decide to find her. We haven't read the book and wouldn't give away any spoilers even if we had, but judging by the trailer above, it looks like Delevingne has more than a couple scenes and will actually get an opportunity to act and not just stand there looking pretty. The model recently had a role in A$AP Ferg's "Dope Walk" music video, and she may still make an appearance in Zoolander 2, but this will definitely be a lot different than those properties.

The film will hit theaters on July 24.

[via YouTube]