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If you’re in the market for new hangers and have $300 burning a hole in your pocket, then you might want to check out these new designs by Benjamin Edgar.

Founded by Chicago-native Benjamin Gott, who also created The Brilliance blog with Chuck Anderson and Virgil Abloh, this objects brand takes simple, everyday items and revamps them into much more extravagent versions. You have clean pieces like ceramic unscented candles, a concrete incense bowl, and an Italian cow leather ghost bag. But some of the most eye-catching items within its offerings have to be the next-level hangers. Available in carbon fiber and marble iterations, these bad boys perfectly sum up the ethos of Benjamin Edgar: They’re minimalist, high-quality, expensive, and extremely impractical. You definitely don’t need one of these hangers, but they’re so aesthetically pleasing that you might be propelled to give in and say “why not?”

Check out the carbon fiber and marble hangers below; they’re available today at Benjamin Edgar’s online store and will cost you $300 and $190, respectively.

[via Benjamin Edgar]