The plain white T-shirt is, without a doubt, one of the most important items a man can own. This wardrobe staple can be worn as a layering piece or simply by itself for a clean, effortless look—providing an endless amount of versatility and practicality. However, there is one downside to rocking this item, and that is the battle to keep it looking clean.

Between ink stains, coffee spills, and messing eating, this task can be a difficult one. But thanks to the minds behind Threadsmiths Clothing, keeping your white tee pristine has become a whole lot easier. The apparel technology company has released the Cavalier shirt, an innovative 100% cotton garment constructed with patented hydrophobic technology that blocks water and dirt.

No, really. It actually works.

The use of nanotechnology reduces the surface area of the shirt, making it impossible for liquids and dirt to adhere to. The substances then bead up and roll of the material so you’ll never have to walk around with an embarrassing stain again.

Sound too good to be true? Well check out the design in action in the video above. To learn more about the Cavalier shirt and how to purchase, go to Threadsmiths Clothing’s online store.

[via Elite Daily]