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I really don't need to write anything about Ralph Lauren. He's the most important American designer and his enduring legacy is undeniable. RL doesn't do a runway show because, as I understand it, we are simply not worthy. My words, not his. But here's the brand's F/W 15 collection complete with the looks from Purple Label, Polo and Polo Sport, a new line debuting under the Ralph Lauren umbrella that has the high-tech fitness gear you've always wanted. You may remember the original Polo Sport, especially if you are a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, but the new iteration of the brand is more focused on activewear. Purple Label remains the upscale take on suiting and sportswear we've come to expect, while Polo skews a bit more rugged and western, complete with a sort of mountaineering theme throughout. This tasty spread of RL gear appeals to something in every single one of us and keeps with the trends without being defined by them, all the while staying in its own lane. This undefinable quality is part of why Ralph Lauren has become the expansive empire it is. May it reign forever.